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Become a confident storyteller who connects with audiences


Learn how to shape stories in one of our hands-on workshops

Strip an idea to its core and express it with unforgettable clarity


Move people and make a lasting impression



Researchers have found that the human brain is wired for storytelling. Whether you want to make an impression, deliver targeted information or persuade your audience, knowing how narrative works and being able to tell a compelling story is a critical tool for change makers.  


Our workshops and story coaching are designed to help you hone your skills in oral storytelling. Created for industry and government leaders, creatives and community organisations, our training has seen specialists from a range of sectors master the art of oral storytelling.

SPUN Audience
James Parfitt-Fejo at SPUN


You’ll learn the art of oral storytelling as taught by the creative team behind SPUN Stories. Turn the most meaningful events from your life and work into unforgettable stories.


Learn about authentic voice, story structure, how to reel in an audience and make your story relatable in under 7 minutes. And once you’ve learnt the tricks, have a go at crafting your own story. You just never know where it might end up! For anyone and everyone who loves a good story.




'From the moment we met to talk about the story, Johanna kept things lighthearted and helped me feel very much at ease to be able to get the storytelling out.’ John Price, Foster Carer


Lots of people know how to deliver a good presentation but few understand how narrative can be used to convey meaning. Story coaching offers an opportunity to learn about the art of oral storytelling through an applied lens. Designed for industry leaders who have an upcoming speech, pitch or presentation, story coaching gives you dedicated time with the founder and Director of StoryProjects, Johanna Bell, who will help ensure that your ideas will stand out and be remembered.




'Johanna was a great mentor … She provided a different way of looking at things. With her help, we were able to rework standard presentations into compelling narratives that engaged with audiences on an emotional level.' The Fred Hollows Foundation

StoryProjects Team
StoryProjects Team



A clear and compelling story is a critical tool for a business or not-for-profit brand but often, strategic storytelling is de-prioritised. Starting in 2018, StoryProjects will offer narrative strategy advice for businesses and organisations interested in strengthening their brands, audience growth and community engagement.


You’ll learn how to identify and articulate the stories that are most important for your organisation’s growth and how to use narrative to ensure your work stays seen.


‘We were extremely pleased to partner with StoryProjects … A rare opportunity to present a positive public face in a unique and authentic way.’ Northern Territory Government



As the world’s fastest growing media, podcasting offers organisations and businesses an intimate way to engage, communicate and educate audiences.


Whether you’re trying to persuade customers, sell a product, educate the masses or impart new ideas, we can help you achieve your goals via branded podcasting


With expertise in story research, production, editing, sound design and branding, StoryProjects can help your business or organisation create a customised podcast for your listeners.

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