ATMOS is a party for your ears! One minute you’re here and the next you could be … anywhere.


In its third season, ATMOS blends storytelling with music and the soundscapes, to create immersive audio experiences that are themed in connection to place.  Each ATMOS experience is different; imagine listening to turbulent stories of flying whilst mesmerised by items passing by you on a baggage carousel in an active international airport, or diving into stories of the deep whilst tasting morsels of fish at a sushi train, or exploring tales of the flesh and the form it takes whilst watching the bodies of body builders in a gym.  


It's a sensory delight, let by your ears.  It wraps you in an audio bubble and catapults you into unfamiliar places. Surrounded by strangers, you’ll get to explore what it’s like to listen and look, start and stop, connect and disconnect. We don’t know where you’ll end up but we know it won’t be the place you were expecting.

“It was atmospheric, unexpected, evocative, sensorial art."

"A really unusual and unique experience. ATMOS makes me feel part of a community.” 

“Thinking of spaces as not just functional but artistic environments and how we can connect to them in alternative ways.” 

“I love the collective listening experience; the moments of connection with the other listeners.” 

“I loved the stories! I enjoyed how all of the stories also engaged other senses (sight, smell, taste etc)” 

“I liked listening to a story by yourself and then sharing your impressions and feelings with others in the break.” 

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